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Caitlin Allen Primary SEND Associate Teacher & Mentor Jennie Isherwood, share their experience so far this term.

I have really enjoyed the start of the Autumn term at Woodstock Primary School.  The children are a delight to work with and my mentors are extremely supportive and have given such valuable advice and guidance.

I’ve really enjoyed applying all that we learn in our professional learning sessions to our own classrooms.  My mentors and I have specifically been focusing on creating a positive learning environment in the classroom, and to make sure explanations and modelling are adequate in my input in lessons.  It’s been very rewarding to put different techniques in practise and achieve great results.

I have been extremely lucky with my school and mentors and look forward to working with them for the next few terms.

Caitlin Allen, Primary SEND Associate Teacher

The new term has been a great opportunity for Caitlin to get to know the children just as we are.  Her observations of the children have been insightful and proven incredibly useful in helping us to understand some of the more complex children and in turn recognise what works for them so early on in the term.

Caitlin is working hard to stay on top of her workload, whilst always putting the children first.  This means that she has built up strong relationships with them (and us all) and they are keen to listen to what she has to say.

What a great foundation on which to build.

Thank you for sending her to us- we feel lucky to have her here.

Jennie Isherwood, Mentor