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Caitlin Allen, Primary SEND Associate Teacher, shared her experience at the start of her journey in her first placement school (see blog from Oct 2021). Now the first placements are coming to an end Caitlin reflects on her time at Woodstock Primary School.

‘I am coming to the end of my first placement at Woodstock Primary and I’m going to miss all the staff and children. The school has been extremely welcoming and supportive throughout my whole time here. I look forward to coming back to complete my KS1 placement later this year. My mentors have really helped build my confidence as a teacher and helped fine tune all the little aspects that help create an inclusive classroom. I started term 3 with a lot more confidence compared to┬áthe start of September, it was great to reflect on how far I have come. AP2 felt very daunting this term, however with such a wonderful network around me it felt very manageable. I look forward to moving on to my SEND placement but will miss the little family I have formed in year 5/6 at Woodstock Primary.’