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Episode 29 – In this episode Matthew Coatsworth discusses Effective CPD with Jade Pearce, Assistant Head Teacher at Walton High School in Stafford.

Episode 29

In the latest episode of the Oxfordshire Teacher Training podcast, Matthew Coatsworth sits down with Jade Pearce, Assistant Head Teacher at Walton High School in Stafford as well as Evidence Lead in Education and member of the EEF Expert Voices Group.  They discuss effective CPD, the importance of a coherent approach to CPD and also the phenomenal free resources Jade has made available through her Twitter page @PearceMrs. These include short introductions to some of the most important evidence-based resources in education that are ‘best bets’ to improving the quality of teaching and learning, as well as practical approaches to using these best bets in the classroom.

Regular listeners to the podcast will remember Matthew discussing Jade’s work on the Great Teaching Toolkit  with Rob Coe in episode 23. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet, it is highly recommended, as is episode 27 on the Early Career Framework with Sam Twiselton and Lynsey Hunter, also referred to in this latest episode.

We hope that this episode will be of particular interest to our cohort of part-time Associate Teachers due to complete their programmes in December 2021: we are very proud of your achievements and wish you the best as you start your careers as teachers. You have chosen the best job in the world!

In this podcast, Jade refers to a wide range of resources including:
Teacher Development Trust What Makes Effective CPD? (2013)

Teacher Development Trust Developing Great Teaching – Lessons from the international reviews into effective professional development (2015)

Mrs Pearce’s ‘An introduction to… ‘https://www.dropbox.com/sh/epj5myopjx41pve/AAA8n4mS8FNunqwCF8Rq9Uc_a?dl=0&preview=An+introduction+to...full+guide.pdf

All of Mrs Pearce’s resources: