Schools recruit teachers fresh from training

Graduates of an outstanding-rated teacher training scheme are set to start work in Oxfordshire schools. Though the county's public sector recruitment crisis rumbles on, partner schools of Oxfordshire Teacher Training have proudly taken on new starters.
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A different path into teaching

There are traditional and common paths into certain careers and then there are the rather more unusual journeys taken in people’s employment history. Emilie Ressot’s story puts her firmly in the second category.
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Why it’s never too late to take up a career in teaching

It might be a lightbulb experience, or it might be a slow-dawning realisation, but for older people who change careers to become teachers there is often something momentous behind their decision to retrain. For Dale Robinson, it was the former – a single, traumatic experience that led to him setting out on the path to the classroom.
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Training at your former school

Georgina Trafford returns to her old school
FOR some people the idea of going back to their old school would fill them with something approaching dread. But this is clearly not an issue for a group of young people who have chosen to take part in our teacher training programme.
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Brian George tells us all about his return to his former school

Brian George Tells us about his return to his old school
I know that going back to their old school would not be everyone’s idea of a fun career move. Cherwell was a great school to be at as a student and most of my mates from back then really enjoyed their time there. Despite this, I know that not all of them would be happy to go back. But it is something I decided to do, and I have not regretted that decision for a second.
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Outstanding Ofsted Report!

Outstanding Ofsted Report For OTT
Relentless ambition and enthralling course content have justified our ‘outstanding’ Ofsted. We have been awarded the regulator’s best possible rating, following our first inspection since opening in 2015.
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