Hubs and Schools

Hubs - our training centres

Oxfordshire Teacher Training operates three training Hubs and candidates are able to apply to train in these by selecting the appropriate Hub (or location) as a part of your Teacher Training application.  If you’re not sure where you will be living or if you are relocating and do not know which Hub to apply for, you can select the most likely initially, or contact us for guidance.

Applying to a Hub means that the majority of your programme training sessions will be based in your chosen Hub, and your placement schools will be from that part of Oxfordshire too. There will be a few sessions throughout the year which will require slightly further travel into central Oxford, but by operating the training sessions in the three Hubs we hope that more applicants will be able to train in their local area!

Regardless of which hub you choose, you will receive the same training sessions from expert teachers and practitioners, you will also have the same access to our wellbeing and coaching support, as well as support and guidance throughout from our central team.

Northern Hub: The Warriner School, Banbury

Central Hub: The Swan School, Oxford*

Southern Hub: Gillott’s School, Henley-on-Thames

Please see the map below for a guide of the areas our Hubs operate in, there may be some crossover in parts of the county and there also may be some schools on the fringes of these areas but it should give you an idea of where we based.

*Our central offices are based at The Cherwell School in Oxford, and some specialist sessions may take place at The Cherwell School, but Central Hub training predominantly takes place at The Swan School.

Partners - our training schools

For all of our ITT programmes you will benefit from two exciting and contrasting school placements, with additional training sessions, visits and experiences in other schools, phases and settings. Our partnership of schools is constantly growing and expanding, we are proud to work with a number of schools in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas and look forward to more schools joining our alliance in the future.

Some of our applicants are already working or volunteering in a schools and in many cases it can be possible to arrange one of your placements to be in this school, whether we have worked with them before or not. But don’t worry if you are not already in a school, we have lots of schools who are really keen to work with us and take an Associate Teacher on a placement; we will arrange all of this for you. If you would like to see which schools we have worked with in recent years please see the map below.

‘Trainees benefit hugely from the range of schools in the partnership and the contrasting placements they have. The relationship between the SCITT and its partnership schools is excellent. For this partnership, meeting recruitment needs is not just about filling vacancies, but about ensuring that pupils benefit and make progress.’ Ofsted Inspection report 2017.

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Become a Partner School

If you are Headteacher of a school and are not currently involved in our Initial Teacher Training programmes but would like more information about being involved then please get in touch. We also advise that you have a look at the Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance (OTSA) website for more information regarding the background and context of OTSA, the specialist development strands across Oxfordshire and the benefits of joining the alliance.


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I have worked with Oxfordshire Teacher Training (OTT) for several years now in both my current role, and my previous role, as Headteacher of both schools. I have found several aspects of having an Associate Teacher hugely beneficial. We have now trained over 10 Associate Teachers and some of them now teach at the school in which they trained. This can be particularly effective if the Associate Teacher then begins as a NQT after having had the benefit of a year spent in your school being immersed in your ethos and CPLD for a year. I have therefore found them to be very strong NQTs and it would always be my preferred option for recruitment. I believe that being part of Oxfordshire Teacher Training supports the overall culture of learning in your school. It keeps your staff focused on good practice; what good teachers do that ensures children make progress. The training they receive is also really effective and up-to-date, so Associate Teachers can bring fresh ideas and approaches into your school. A great aspect of the programme are the opportunities it has created for my staff. I now have staff who are experienced Mentors and Visiting Tutors. I have found that these members of staff have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of mentoring and have said it has developed their own practice for the better. As Associate Teachers become more experienced with teaching, the mentors are then able to take some time to concentrate on leading aspects of school improvement, which is of benefit to everyone. The training and support they receive is good and many of those teachers now hold Senior Leadership roles within the school.

Tracey Smith - Oxfordshire Headteacher

I cannot recommend the Oxfordshire Teacher Training SCITT highly enough, it really does provide the very best start to a successful career in teaching. The vast majority of the new teachers that we recruit have come through this route and it is impressive to see how inspired and well prepared they are.

Chris Price - Headteacher, The Cherwell School, Oxford

It's great to know that you are training a teacher to succeed in your school, everyone gains from the investment. The process is tough and our trainee teachers are exceptional. It is wonderful to be able to reward their hard work and dedication with permanent positions within OTSA schools.

Clare Morgan - Oxfordshire Headteacher