What Do We Offer?

Our Initial Teacher Training programmes are carefully crafted to give you the best of in-school experience alongside theory, pedagogy and subject knowledge training at one of our training hubs. Our Associate Teachers (trainees) thrive on both our full-time and part-time programmes and this is reflected in our exceptional post-training employment rates, as Headteachers recognise the high-quality training and preparation we offer.


Benefits of Our Programmes

  • an “outstanding” programme delivered by expert and highly credible practitioners still in the classroom
  • a variety of innovative programmes in secondary, primary, early years and special education which combine theory, research and reflective practice
  • a creative and exciting ITT curriculum designed to support your development to become a confident, competent and determined teacher with the capacity and drive to improve pupil outcomes, drawing on educational research and guidance, including the ITT Core Content Framework (2019), the Great Teaching Toolkit Evidence Review (2020) and Teaching Walkthrus (2020) – please click here to find out more
  • an invaluable and unique opportunity to form part of a school team from the first day of term in September and to experience those crucial first weeks in school
  • a real emphasis on subject knowledge with outstanding subject specialists delivering weekly, tailored subject knowledge training and discussions throughout the training programme
  • two highly valuable, contrasting placements as local to you as possible
  • fantastic school-based mentors who know and understand the programme, and also know how to be highly effective in their mentoring role to best support you
  • a programme which not only gives you outstanding teaching skills but also gives you the tools and support necessary to sustain a career in teaching through our personalised ongoing wellbeing support  by our highly experienced wellbeing coaches
  • an integrated optional PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) linked to partner university
  • an incredible track record of employment facilitated by the network of over 150 fantastic schools that we work with in Oxfordshire, as placement schools or  Early Career Teacher (ECT) schools

*PLEASE NOTE* We currently have no vacancies for Primary programmes or Secondary mathematics in the South hub. You are still welcome to apply to us using the central hub, but you should be aware that we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to find you a placement school that is immediately close to your location. You would still be able to train at our South hub, but it is likely that your placement school may be further afield. If you are interested in either of these programmes and are concerned about the possible location, please get in touch.

We are delighted to confirm that we have been granted additional PE allocations so will continue to recruit for PE programmes for the next month or so. Applicants to PE programmes should be aware that places are extremely limited and that applications should be submitted as soon as possible to be considered for interview. We are also continuing to offer places on our ‘PE with EBacc’ option, which is a combined programme requiring applicants to have a grade C or above at A Level (or equivalent) in one of the English Baccalaureate subjects: English, maths, the sciences, geography, history, languages.

The overall programme and central training sessions are shaped by deep thinking and reflection on the moral purpose of teaching. Sessions carefully synthesise relevant theory and context, tailored reading and group discussions with practical advice on classroom practice.

The training team are engaging and charismatic, and generous with their time, reflections and individualised advice.

Jane Kavanagh – History