Tuition fee Programme


* Please note that we are not currently accepting applications for the PE programme (2LDN) unless candidates wish to be considered for the ‘PE with Ebacc’ subject option. For this programme candidates must have an A level (or equivalent) at grade C or above in the chosen second subject (maths, English, science, MFL, history or geography). Please see below or get in touch for more details about this option.

Our inspiring and highly successful Tuition-fee School Direct programme is a fantastic route into becoming a teacher.

Being enrolled on a full-time tuition-fee programme means that you are classed as a full-time student, Associate Teachers (trainees) are not given sole responsibility for classes and will build up to teaching and planning slowly and gradually with the help of their School-based Mentor. This is therefore the perfect route for someone looking to ease themselves into teaching, building up to taking full lessons, without having sole responsibility for classes.

Programme Structure and Content

Like all of our programmes, this route incorporates hands-on classroom practice in two placement schools with ongoing training and professional learning sessions. The two block placements of equal length aim to provide a contrasting experience and we will always aim to be flexible with placement locations to accommodate your personal circumstances.

Our unique programme begins with a compulsory pre-training week from the beginning of July where you will get to meet your mentors and visit your first placement school.  Then in September you will start the Rapid Development Programme, which provides you with focused support and guidance to develop and test out your ‘teacher’s toolkit’. The time during this intensive programme is divided approximately half and half between training sessions and time in your first placement school.

Throughout the rest of the year you will continue to attend professional training once a week. Our training is delivered by some of the best teachers in the county and will always incorporate research and theory as well as practical tips and advice. We have an incredible team of subject specialists that also provide tailored and specific sessions linked to your subject area.

Below is a flavour of some of the sessions you will take part in:

  • Lesson planning and design
  • Special Educational Needs and disabilities
  • Behaviour management
  • Assessment
  • Social justice
  • Wellbeing for children
  • Working with parents and carers
  • And many more!

The deadline for applications for tuition fee programmes starting in 2020 will be the beginning of June 2020. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any specific questions about the course.

Being on placement from day one allows you get a feel for what school life is like from the start. The mixture of being at our placement school and in training each week is a helpful balance. I appreciate having regular training sessions whilst being on placement because gives us the opportunity to put what we are learning straight into action. It also means that we can discuss our successes and challenges as they arise with others on the course; working alongside such passionate and determined Associate Teachers is a pleasure and it is really helpful to hear about their different experiences and schools.

Rebecca Callard - Primary

Programme Codes and Financial Information

The fees for our full-time Tuition fee programme are £7,750 for QTS and £9,250 for QTS with PGCE. Scholarships and bursaries are available for some programmes, depending on the degree classification. Please note that the financial award is based on the ITT programme you undertake (i.e. subject you will teach) and not the subject content of your degree.

Tuition fee loans and maintenance loans are available from student finance/ Student Loans Company. There are also other financial support options for some applicants depending on circumstances, such as childcare grants, special support grants.

Please note the information in the table below is the funding for last years programme.  Funding for this year has not yet been announced by the DfE.

1st, 2:1, 2:2, Masters or PhD
Art & Design (11-16)2LDS
Biology (11-16) incl Biology with PE3D2Y3D3D-£26,000
Business Studies (14-19)2RHH37RJ--
Chemistry (11-16)2RHR37RK£28,00£26,000
Computing (11-16)2RJ237RL£28,00£26,000
Dance (11-16)2RJ537RM--
DT* (11-16)2RJ937RN-£12,000
Drama (11-16)2LDL3C3P--
English (11-16)2RJD37RQ-£15,000
Geography (11-16) incl Geography with PE2RJF37RR£28,00£26,000
History (11-16)2RJH37RT-£12,000
Mathematics (11-16) incl Mathematics with PE2RJK37RX£22,000£20,000
MFL ** (11-16)36RJ37RY£28,000£26,000
Music (11-16)2LDM37RY-£9,000
Physics (11-16)2RJN37S2£28,000£26,000
PE (11-16) incl PE with English, Maths, Science, MFL, Geography or History 2LDN---
Primary (5-11)2RK337S5--
Primary EY (3-7)37R837S7--
Primary SEND (5-11)2LDD37S6--
RE (11-16)2RJT37S3-£9,000
Social Sciences (14-19)36V437S4--

We are offering P.E combined with the EBACC subjects (English, Mathematics, Science, MFL, Geography and History). If you wish to apply for these programmes please apply using UCAS code 2LDN and let us know the subject that you would like to combine with P.E. In order to undertake the programme you must hold an A-level at grade C or above in the companion subject.

We also offer combined Biology with P.E (UCAS code 3D2Y full-time and 3D3D part-time) and Maths with P.E (UCAS code 2RJK full-time and 37RX part-time). Please make clear your intention to apply for Biology or Maths with P.E in your application.

* Design Technology – We generally place candidates in Food Technology, Textiles or Product Design but are open to applicants with skills and  experiences across a variety disciplines or with a particular specialism.

** Modern Languages – We generally place candidates with a main language in French, Spanish or German. In addition to the main language we expect all of our Associate Teachers to develop a second language which will usually be from the same list. There is significant support available so that you can develop your expertise in the second language, including through nationally funded ‘Subject Knowledge Enhancement’ courses.


Additional Information for Primary Enhanced Programmes

Primary Early Years 3-7

This programme is suitable for applicants who want to specialise in the 3–7 age range. You can complete this course on either the tuition fee route or the salaried route. On this route, Associate Teachers take part in all the training available on the regular primary route but benefit from having additional sessions specific to the Early Years setting. On this programme, Associate Teachers have one placement in Early Years and one placement in KS1. It is a popular programme which is the perfect combination of theory and reflective practice across the 3 to 7 age range.

For this programme we work closely with our excellent early years providers across the county and the additional sessions are run in various Early Years settings across the county.

Primary SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) 5-11

This programme is suitable for applicants on either the tuition fee or salaried programme who want to specialise in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. On this programme, Associate Teachers will have one placement in a special school and one placement in a mainstream school (5 to 11 age range). Associate Teachers will take part in all the training available to the regular primary route but will benefit from having additional session on working with children with SEND in a special school setting.

For this programme, we work closely with Outstanding special school providers such as Frank Wise Special School who deliver the additional enhanced training sessions.

Please note, this programme is designed for applicants wishing to go on to work as a teacher in a special school as opposed to those who have a more general interest in SEND; all of our programmes benefit from expert training in various aspects of SEND education and teaching for all pupils.

The use of GoogleDrive for the online portfolio and the reflective journal really help me to keep track of my work and the progress that I have made throughout the year.

Jacob Mulvany – Business Studies