Part Time Programme

Our innovative part-time tuition-fee programme contains all the elements of our full-time programme but it has been carefully designed to fit into 3 days a week over an 18-month period. Many of our Associate Teachers on the part-time route chose this route for family, financial or health reasons as it is a brilliant way to complete your teacher training whilst still having some time to dedicate to other commitments.

Being enrolled on a tuition-fee part-time programme means that you are classed as a part-time student, Associate Teachers (trainees) are not given sole responsibility for classes and will build up to teaching and planning slowly and gradually with the help of their School-based Mentor. This is therefore the perfect route for someone looking ease themselves into teaching at a gradual pace and on a part-time basis.

Programme Structure and Content

Associate Teachers on the part time route will train on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week across the full length of the programme.

Our unique programme begins with a pre-training week from 6th-10th July where Associate Teachers will get to meet their Mentor and visit first placement school. It is ideal if part-time Associate Teachers can attend as much of this week as possible.   Then, in September you will start the Rapid Development Programme, which provides you with focused support and guidance to develop and test out their ‘teacher’s toolkit’. The time during this intensive programme is divided in approximately two days in professional training sessions and one day in first placement school.

Throughout the rest of the year you will continue to attend training once a week. Our central training is delivered by some of the best teachers in the county and will always incorporate research and theory as well as practical tips and advice. We have an incredible team of subject specialists that also provide tailored and specific sessions linked to your subject area.

Below is a flavour of some of the sessions you will take part in:

  • Lesson planning and design
  • Special Educational Needs and disabilities
  • Behaviour management
  • Assessment
  • Social justice
  • Wellbeing for children
  • Working with parents and carers
  • And many more!

On the part-time programme you will spend the whole first year in your first placement school. This means that although part-time, you are able to really get to know their school and students.  You will move to a second placement from September 2021 to December 2021.

The great thing about the part-time route is that it runs in parallel to the full-time programme which means that you benefit from the same peer support network and feel completely part of the whole cohort.

As we work with a large number of schools in Oxfordshire we are able to be very flexible in our placement arrangements so if you have any specific concerns or a preference for an area of Oxfordshire then you can let us know during the recruitment and selection process. We will always try to accommodate preferences as best we can. Potential applicants often develop a relationship with an individual school directly and this is an excellent way to operate if you have a specific geographical area in mind.

We are now closed for applications for this academic year and will re-open again in October, 2020.  Applications can then be made through UCAS to train with us for the academic year 2021-2022.

Calendar Overview

6th – 10th July 2020, Orientation and Induction Week

  • Part-time Associate Teachers will attend at least 3 days, and ideally all 5.

September 2020 – October 2020, The Rapid Development Programme

  • During the RDP you will attend the 2 days a week of central training with the rest of the cohort and 1 day in your placement school.

November 2020 – July 2021

  • 3 days a week mostly spent in your main placement school with ongoing central and subject specialist training sessions.

September 2021 – December 2021

  • 3 days a week in your second placement school with the option of attending central and subject specialist training sessions if appropriate.

Programme Codes and Financial Information

The fees for our Tuition fee Part-time School Direct programme are £9,750 for QTS and £11,250 for QTS with PGCE, the cost of this will be spread across the 18 months. Scholarships and bursaries are available for some programmes, depending on the degree classification. Please note that the financial award is based on the ITT programme you undertake (i.e. subject you will teach) and not the subject content of your degree.

Tuition fee loans are available from student finance/ Student Loans Company. There are also other financial support options for some applicants depending on circumstances, such as childcare grants, special support grants.

Please see the attached document for details of programme codes and bursaries.

Additional Information for Primary Enhanced Programmes

Primary Early Years 3-7

This programme is suitable for applicants who want to specialise in the 3–7 age range. You can complete this course on either the tuition fee route or the salaried route.  On this route, Associate Teachers take part in all the training available on the regular primary route but benefit from having additional sessions specific to the Early Years setting. On this programme, Associate Teachers have one placement in Early Years and one placement in KS1. It is a popular programme which is the perfect combination of theory and reflective practice across the 3 to 7 age range.

For this programme we work closely with our excellent early years providers across the county and the additional sessions are run in various Early Years settings across the county.

​Primary SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) 5-11

This programme is suitable for applicants on either the tuition fee or salaried programme who want to specialise in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. On this programme, Associate Teachers will have one placement in a special school and one placement in a mainstream school (5 to 11 age range). Associate Teachers will take part in all the training available to the regular primary route but will benefit from having additional session on working with children with SEND in a special school setting.

For this programme, we work closely with Outstanding special school providers such as Frank Wise Special School who deliver the additional enhanced training sessions.

Please note, this programme is designed for applicants wishing to go on to work as a teacher in a special school as opposed to those who have a more general interest in SEND; all of our programmes benefit from expert training in various aspects of SEND education and teaching for all pupils.