Reasons to Become a Teacher

Make a difference and have a positive impact on young people’s lives

Our vision is to ensure that everything we do has a positive impact on children and young people. This is why we became teachers in the first place and why we’re committed to supporting you to become the best possible teacher you can be. We understand the amazing rewards of seeing kids learn and improve and so our training programmes are focussed on ensuring that you have the all the right knowledge and skills to be able to do this; ‘Trainees develop into highly reflective, resilient and skilled teachers, whose work has a palpable impact on pupils’ progress.’ Ofsted inspection report 2017.

Thrive on learning – yours and theirs

Education is all about positive change and so a key part of being a great teacher is about being able to respond to challenges with creativity and flexibility. The philosophy that we can always learn and improve is embedded in everything that we do and we’ll support you in doing do the same. ‘School leaders are extremely pleased with NQTs’ flexibility and the way they contribute to the school. These qualities say a lot about the way that the partnership has prepared trainees for the realities of working in education.’ Ofsted Inspection report 2017.

Join a great community

Teaching is a team sport and we recognise the importance of establishing strong networks to support and inspire you throughout your career. Because our programmes are structured to ensure that you are in school at the start of the year you will be part of the school community from day one. The programme leaders and central team also arrange the programme so that you develop an excellent network amongst your peers. Beyond your training year you will have regular ongoing contact with the SCITT team as well as being part of the wider OTSA community which offers support and development programmes for colleagues at every stage of their career. "The opportunity to train to teach in a practical setting has proved to be both incredibly challenging and hugely rewarding. Being immersed in a school context day to day has enabled me to learn quickly, to feel a part of my department, and to build good relationships with the students I teach. Already I very much feel like they're my students, and hopefully they feel like I'm their teacher!" - Sarah Bhogal ‘Trainees value the opportunity to come together as a cohort and share their experiences.’ ‘Recently qualified teachers who trained with the partnership are well established in their roles and rate their training extremely highly. They appreciate the ongoing contact they have with the partnership. Many are already taking up leadership roles in their schools’. Ofsted Inspection report 2017.

Share your passion

Not only are we passionate about education, we are also experts at it, and it’s this combination that means training with us is the ideal start to your career as a great teacher. The SCITT is led by teachers and draws on the expertise and passion of amazing teachers from across the partnership. ‘The whole partnership ensures that trainees are superbly prepared for their careers in teaching. Trainees acquire a strong understanding of strategies and approaches that they draw upon in their posts as NQTs. They quickly establish themselves as respected professionals and role models for the pupils in their care. Current trainees spoke to inspectors about their pride in the teaching profession and how the training programme ‘enthralled’ them.’ Ofsted Inspection report 2017.

Embrace the challenge and reap the rewards

Really great teachers make their job look effortless, but of course, in reality, it requires a complex set of skills which are developed through practice, expert input and personalised support. Our outstanding programmes combine these factors to ensure that you are supported and nurtured through this challenging process and able to feel the positives as soon as possible. ‘Trainees develop into highly reflective, resilient and skilled teachers, whose work has a palpable impact on pupils’ progress.’ ‘Challenging input about vulnerable pupils has moved trainees and helped to confirm exactly why they wanted to become teachers.’ Ofsted Inspection report 2017.
I would strongly recommend the SCITT to anyone who is passionate about teaching and becoming an effective teacher. The amazing team of committed and enthusiastic professionals have maintained and extended my passion for education. Eve Winterbottom - Primary

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