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Jenny Neal

I have always wanted to teach.  After pursuing a different career, I finally looked into teaching as a career change.  The Oxfordshire Teacher Training SCITT has allowed me to gain invaluable experience in schools whilst gaining a qualification and being paid a salary.  There would have been no other opportunity that would have allowed me to work and train at the same time.  The ongoing training has provided lots of support in all areas that I am covering in primary school.

Miles Schofield

I’ve been impressed with the level of professionalism and genuine concern about pupil progress by both the SCITT and the partnership schools.

Natalie Jennings

The SCITT accommodates each individual. As a deaf Associate Teacher I have always felt included in every element of the course, the leaders are happy to find ways to ensure I have not missed anything.

The wellbeing coach is always happy to make time and importance of just a chat!

Sarah Bhogal

The opportunity to train to teach in a practical setting has proved to be both incredibly challenging and hugely rewarding. Being immersed in a school context day to day has enabled me to learn quickly, to feel a part of my department, and to build good relationships with the students I teach. From day 1 I have felt very much feel like they’re my students, and hopefully they feel like I’m their teacher!

The input in the central training sessions from practicing teachers and guest speakers has always been relevant, interesting and valuable, and being in school almost full time means I have the opportunity to put my learning into practice right away. The input from the second placement has meant that my experience is varied throughout, and I’ve found the interplay between the elements of the training very beneficial.

It’s certainly not been an easy ride – there is so much to learn! – but the richness and rewards of the experience have meant I wouldn’t change it. I’m thrilled to have the chance to make use of so many skills and to gain plenty of new ones too.

Fraser Prince

The SCITT programme provides a personalised approach to teacher-training, with support from every angle. A growth mindset exudes from all involved at OTT, always seeking to further themselves and by the same token, others.

Maryann Avery

The programme offered the chance to learn on the job in the best possible way.  The training programme was inspiring and the fact that we started before the summer holiday made the September start less daunting.  Training sessions were tailored to our needs and were always thought provoking and supportive.  Starting my NQT year I feel as if I belong and the assessment process is now second nature.  The SCITT team and trainers instilled a sense of purpose and a passion for helping young people achieve.

Peter Orrey

I was attracted to the School Direct programme with the SCITT as it gives a good balance between gaining practical, in-school, experience and essential theory based training.  As a career changer, I didn’t want to go down a route that was more academic and lecture oriented and so this paid, on-the-job approach is ideal for me.

I was drawn by the summer training programme which gave the opportunity to get ahead and prepare for the coming year.  With this, I felt prepared and ready to hit the ground running in September, having met fellow trainees as well as inductions in both placement schools. Another benefit of SCITT’s approach has been working closely in partnership with other schools in the area.  This means that our weekly, theory based, training sessions are led by practising teachers and education specialists from across Oxfordshire on topics ranging from phonics to behaviour management, tailored towards the specific age/ subject that you are teaching.

The SCITT approach is undoubtedly intense, with so much to fit in throughout the year.  However, with the support of my placement schools alongside the structure and expertise of the SCITT team, I feel really well placed to begin a career in teaching.

Kristopher Reeder

I was impressed by the use of excellent online systems, the materials given to Associate Teachers and the support provided throughout the recruitment process. The SCITT staff genuinely care about the next generation of teachers.

Jemma Mitchell

I love that the programme isn’t judgemental, and doesn’t expect anyone to become the perfect teacher overnight. The values and ethos that’s promoted among us as trainees, is exactly the ethos we should be taking in to the classroom.

I think this course was the perfect fit for me because of the hands on, school-based nature of it. The fact all our Mentors and teachers are currently still practicing and honing their craft means they can offer current, relevant information. We feel like we’re all on the same side, rather than being criticised by an external group. The advice feels supportive and constructive. I quite enjoy knowing that my Mentor and Senior Link are being trained alongside me. It shows that you’re never too experienced to pick up new skills!