Classroom Experience

If you are currently working or volunteering in a school that’s great, keep doing what you can to see a range of teaching styles and speak to your colleagues about what they do, how they plan and what is on the curriculum. Talk to your Headteacher about whether there is anything else you can do to prepare for teacher training, check whether you might be able to stay there for one of your placements and suggest that they get in touch with us to find out about what they need to do as a school.

If you aren’t currently working in a school don’t worry, we still want to hear from you if you are interested in teaching! We would generally expect that candidates will have visited a couple of schools before submitting their application to see what teaching is like and to be sure that this is the career for them.

As a partnership we are offering a school experience programme across schools in Oxfordshire.  For more information and to book your place please visit the school experience programme page on our website.

We don’t specify a particular number of days, but instead we recommend that you aim to visit a few different schools in different settings for a day or afternoon, and try to observe different teachers in the phase, subject or specialist area that you’re going to apply for. When observing try to make the most of your experience- focus on how different learning environments are set up, think about different classroom strategies and how teachers support and assess pupils’ learning.