Placement Schools

If a candidate is currently working in a school and would ideally like to be placed there, then this should be discussed with the Headteacher in advance of submitting an application. If the school is able/ willing to support you then the Headteacher will need to contact us to confirm, this can be achieved online by visiting the Contacts page, we will then get in touch with them to discuss further. Candidates in this situation will still need to complete the same recruitment and selection process and still may not be offered a place if they do not meet the criteria or are deemed ineligible by the panel.

Candidates who are not currently employed by a school- or whose school is unable to sponsor them- will absolutely not be disadvantaged, we have a wide partnership of schools all of whom have different needs, a different ethos and are looking for different things. For candidates in this situation we will use the decision making protocol to find the best match for you.

Although it is not essential to have a pre-existing relationship with a school it is worth noting that a relationship can be built even by those who are not currently employed by a school and we would recommend this to all applicants, where possible. Many candidates in recent years, who arranged  experience days and observation visits in schools before applying, then went on to be placed in those schools. This can be a great way of ‘getting your foot in the door’ and making your skills and experience known to a school which may well want to employ you in the future.