Plan Application

Check that you are in possession of the required documentation- both qualification certificates and identity and right to work evidence- and that these are the official, original documents. If you need to seek replacement GCSE/ A Level/ Degree certificates then start this process now as it can take months to receive replacements at busy times of the year.

If your qualifications are from overseas then you will need to apply for a NARIC statement of comparability for all qualifications obtained to accompany the original certificates you have. If you do not yet have GCSEs or equivalent qualifications in the required subjects then you may need to take an Equivalency Test. Do make sure that you plan ahead with these to ensure that you receive your result before the start of your programme and please get in touch if you have any queries.

As a partnership we have a very clear Person Specification that outlines what we are looking for in applicants for our programmes. It is highly advisable to base your personal statement around the areas specified and these will also be the basis for the different elements on the recruitment and selection day.

View our useful links page with information on entry requirements, qualification information and other questions you may have.