Recruitment and Selection Day

If your application is successful we will invite you to a Stage One Recruitment and Selection Day. These are held throughout the year in our partnership primary and secondary schools and we generally see between 6-12 candidates on each day with a similar sized panel of partnership colleagues. We will always email to confirm receipt of your application and once it has been through the initial screening process we will confirm your interview date, this will generally take 2-3 weeks from receiving your application.

Our Stage One Recruitment and Selection Day is structured so that we can provide a platform for all candidates to present the best of themselves. There are a number of different elements to the day and details of what you need to prepare and/or bring with you for each element is detailed in the invitation information that we send out in advance.

Each stage one day contains:

  • individual interview
  • teaching task
  • short presentation
  • group task
  • subject knowledge task
  • written task
  • sample literacy and numeracy skills tests
  • document check

The Recruitment and Selection Day is a rigorous process but it is important for us to see the different qualities and experiences that you have, the different elements are all quite brief but will be an excellent opportunity to show us the breadth of your skills.

For further information regarding the Recruitment and Selection Day please see our sample guidance document; more detail will be provided in advance to invited candidates.

The stage one process is identical for both Salaried and Tuition fee programmes. For Tuition fee programmes this is the end of the recruitment and selection process, successful candidates will be informed within 3-5 working days and will be made offers on UCAS. We will also aim to inform unsuccessful candidates (both Salaried and Tuition fee) within 3-5 days so that they can be ‘released’ for other choices. We will provide feedback for candidates who request it.

I already knew I wanted to teach, but the recruitment process forced me to articulate what it was that I loved about teaching. Thinking about the experiences that had convinced me I wanted to teach was a wonderful start to the course. Jemma Mitchell – English